Friday, January 29, 2010

Chicken Divan

When I was young, this was just called chicken and broccoli casserole. And I HATED it. Fast forward to me as an adult and a random evening at my mom’s. She pulls leftovers from the fridge and I grudgingly decide to make a plate. I was instantly converted! Everything I hated about it as a kid I now loved!

The Paula Deen recipe was a new one for me. I swapped fresh broccoli in for frozen, light sour cream and mayonnaise, fat free cream of soups (one celery/one mushroom) and 2% cheddar. You’d never know. I’ve been eating it all week and aren’t even sick of it yet!

This was new for me.  I never even HEARD of Chicken Divan.  It's a very comforting casserole dish.  Next time, I might add sliced mushrooms to it.  I'd definitely make this dish again.  I'd serve it to my family; people I'm comfortable with.  My suggestion would be to let it sit after it's done cooking for about 15 minutes.  Actually, this is the perfect make-ahead dish so cook it, let it cool, refrigerate it and eat it the next day.  It was much tastier the next day.  I'm glad I learned about Chicken Divan.

Recipe is courtesy of Paula Deen


  1. If it's that good the next day I bet it would be awesome if ya packed it in dry ice & shipped it to me via FedX :-)

  2. What's that saying, Scott? The chicken's in the mail?

  3. Whats up with that Laura? I never have to send the ingredients to the pizza joint! :-/

  4. Well, I can certainly charge you for delivery!