Saturday, January 23, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner – Eggs Benedict

The Eggs Benedict recipe we used was by Tyler Florence.

I didn’t make my own hollandaise sauce.  I used a sauce packet that I had.  Honestly, it was good but not like the hollandaise sauce you get when you get eggs benedict in a restaurant.  I used Canadian bacon.  Originally my plan was to use Taylor ham, but I seem to be the only person that knows what that is.

Let’s talk about poaching eggs.  I poached it as per the directions in the recipe.  The egg white was a little undercooked and the yolk was’'t runny enough because it was overcooked.  Anyone know a foolproof way to poach an egg?  Oh who am I kidding?  I’m not going to poach an egg anytime soon.

The verdict:  While the dish was good and interesting to make, next time I want eggs benedict, I'll just order it from a professional chef.

Alright, I made my own hollandaise sauce! It’s a good thing my arms get a regular workout because the stamina was certainly needed here – oh man that was a lot of whisking! The end result was worth the effort I think, but the sauce packets are convenient in a pinch and taste good too. The poaching of the eggs will take some practice, on the other hand. My whites had some runny spots like Laura’s but at least my yolks were still runny. I can’t quite figure out why you’d poach an egg anyway. I mean, after you’ve covered it in hollandaise does it matter if it’s fried instead? For the meat I had one “benedict” with the traditional Canadian bacon and then on the other I tried Smithfield country ham. I won’t use the country ham again here – way too salty for this application.

On the side I had steamed broccoli and home fries – let’s call it my ode to Rockafeller’s brunch. I first boiled red potatoes and then smashed them a little bit before I added them to onions and red pepper flakes that I’d sauteed in olive oil. Then I smashed the potatoes to the pan letting them get browned before stirring and smashing again. These were DELICIOUS. So simple yet so full of flavor. A definite winner here. All in all, this was a yummy meal. I don’t know that I would put forth the effort very often when Rockafeller’s can put it on a plate for $5.95, but hey – at least now I’m not afraid of hollandaise!

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