Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wasabi Pea-Crusted Chicken

The Wasabi Pea Crusted Chicken* recipe

I originally ate wasabi pea crusted chicken at Second Street BistroI loved it so much that when we went back there a year later, I was disappointed to find out it wasn’t available.  So, I asked if we could make it for our blog.  It was delicious.  So worth it!  If I’m being honest, using panko bread crumbs was what sealed the deal.  So Second Street, if you're reading this, don’t worry about bringing back that chicken.  I'll just order some other delicious dish when I get there.

Wow I made a mess of my kitchen! I should spare you the graphic images, but I won’t.
I was highly ambitious on the side dishes (fried rice and roasted brussells sprouts) - otherwise this would have been a relatively easy meal. The chicken itself was really yummy. I enjoyed the sauce, the crunchiness of the chicken and the surprising mildness of the wasabi itself. I have some plans for next time, though. I definitely will just oven “fry” the chicken. I don’t think it needed or benefited from the extra grease from pan-frying. It was fun shopping in my Asian market and playing with wasabi powder though!

*On inspection of the recipe Laura posted above, I have realized that I actually used a recipe from Bon Appetit on

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